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    mackenzie aucoin says:

    hi before i knew about your website and vidios i got a pug named max im going throug something sad for me right now my dad has a kidney tone its hard for an 8 year old like me im a daddys girl i love him and hope he will be okay

  2. 4

    max is soooooooooooo cuuuuute make more videos. how old is max

  3. 5

    I have a pug named max and he is just like that but he doesn’t fart like that and he is funny like that too I love pugs and Max I’m your #1 fan

  4. 6

    max is sooooooooooooooooooo cute do they really call him a chubby e.t?thats mean but mostly fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny

  5. 7
    Vanessa rodriguez says:

    Hi I also have a pug but her name is Bella an every time I show her a picture of mac the pug she runs up o the screen and licks it so I think she has a crush on him!!!!!

  6. 8
    Vanessa rodriguez says:

    I meant to say max the pug

  7. 9

    Hey Max

    Me and my 3 Pugs Just love your website!

    It inspired us to make our own website to inform people about the special breed that’s called: “a Pug”

    all the best from The Netherlands where we have great peanutbutter by the way:)

    Love and lots of farts
    Lord Weebo, lady Fye-fye, Lady Suzie and from our “boss”

  8. 12

    Hi Max and “Boss”
    Just toe be shure you receive our message, I also sent you an e-mail:)
    We added as a banner to our website and it would be great if you like to suppirt us to!. I like to have youre permission to add an special page on our webiste for Max with some information about Max some pictures and ofcourse to tell the Dutch fans to visit youre website. just let me know if you are OK with that.
    Lots of Belches and love from Lord Weebo, lady Fye-fye, Lady Suzie and our “boss”

  9. 13

    Hi Max and “Boss”

    I just read your comment a little late sorry. I allready added your site as a banner(you know the Max’s army one) to my site., so it would be great if you can help us out also and support our website toe!!!

    I would like to have youre permission to make a special page on my website for Max, with info abut Max, some pictures and to encurrage his Dutch fans to go to his site.

    Just let me know if you are OK with that idea
    Lots of farts from The Netherlands from Lord Weebo, lady Fye-fye, Lady Suzie and their “boss’ Eveline

  10. 15

    Hi Max and Boss,
    Because it s so difficult to get in contact with you(which we understand, you must be very buisy) We took the liberty of dedicating a special page on our website to you!!!
    Allthough its in Duch we hope you like it, and it will bring more fans to your website!
    All the best from The Netherlands From Lord Weebo, Lady Fye,fye, Lady Suzie and our “boss”

  11. 16

    Hi Max and Boss, I don’t have any dogs but I <3 dogs and alot of other animals. I think your videos are awsome! keep making them! :)

  12. 17
    Pugsrock says:

    Hiiiii!!!!!!!!!! I’m in love wit max he is so adorable I have a pug his name is Salomon he as the same personality as Max. I haven’t been having the best time Salomon actually got hit by a car! it was really sad for me since im only 9 but hes fine he was bleeding on his arms and legs he didnt break his leg or anything I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I really really want u to reply it would be awesome for me and salomon if u did byeeeeee P.S give max 100 kisses for me!

  13. 18

    Max is adorable!

  14. 19

    I Love Max The Pug Hes the Best pug in The World Like My Pug Miga

  15. 20

    hay max my pug rico got hit by a car the other day and we r worried i was hopeing u could relpy because we r having a hard time but if u r busy its ok i am too

  16. 21

    the muppets stole your song and changed the words they sould of at least of sang the real song

  17. 22

    Hi max your funnny And love your show vos old are you i got añ pug ñamed charlie the pug his 6 years old love you

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